Research Centre of Applied Geophysics


Prediction of mineral resources

Main goals:

  • Identification of structural, geochemical & geophysical attributes of mineral occurrences and deposits;
  • Identification of areas with high mineral potential supported by abundant data;
  • Selection a new areas for prospecting;
  • Evaluation of mineral potential.


  • Compilation of historical geological (geochemical, geophysical and remote sensing data), exploration, and mine data, their quality assessment;
  • Complex analysis of collected data and their re-interpretation using GIS technologies;
  • Development of multi-scale predictive model of target mineral resources;
  • Forecasting of mineral deposits based on artificial intelligence and expert systems;
  • Elaboration of mineral resource maps and databases.

Геофизические исследовани

Мы выполняем следующие виды полевых геофизических работ: